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  • What type of organization is INHS?

    What kind of organization is this?
    We want to rely on volunteers, there will be no membership fees and we want to avoid dealing with money as a group, we will be web-based only. We want to further communication within the hygienic community, and make it easier to find other hygienists. We want to develop, critique, improve Natural Hygiene philosophy and practices. We'll use democratic procedures. We also want to assist hygienic practitioners, authors and educators with advertising on the web. Right now we'll start slowly and see what happens....

    Who can join?
    Anybody who is interested in the topic "the science of health and healing" - both Natural Hygiene enthusiasts and sceptics are welcome. Anybody who is open-minded, wants to help the public, and wants to learn the truth about health and disease.

  • Become a member

    Membership information
    Follow the instructions below to become a member, it is free.
    • You'll receive the newsletter. Can be cancelled at any time.
    • You'll be invited to join the email discussion group.
    • You'll receive the login info for the members' protected area (see below) - for education, a contact forum, & finding members in your area via searching the member database.
    • You can present yourselves on a public members list.
    • If you are a hygienic and/or fasting doctor, we have a public doctors' list.
    • You can volunteer, contribute good ideas, vote, etc. - via the members' protected area or the email discussion group.


    To join the International Natural Hygiene Society - click here to join and follow the instructions.

  • Before you join

    Read the editorials and the diet position of INHS, to get an understanding of what kind of NH organization we are.
    IMPORTANT: please note that INHS recommends healthy vegetarian & omnivorous diets -- but INHS warns about long-term veganism because of the dangers of deficiency.
    Short-term veganism is fine. We mention this, because since the 1940's, many NH doctors have recommended vegan diets. But this is beginning to change. INHS agrees with modern anthropology that humans are omnivores.
    Learn more here:

    I discovered your site while surfing the net and found it very interesting, and while chatting to a friend he mentioned he had the book "Fit for Life". I find this approach very logical and wondered why I don't know anything about it? I'm an Emergency care Specialist with anatomy and physiology background. Its absolutely like opening a window in a dark room. So much makes sense. Hence would like to receive your newsletter and be a member.
    I was sick of thyroid cancer 12 years ago and sterility and prolactinoma and I cured it only with diet and natural lifestyle, i was treated in the natural clinic of Dr. CC Lenti (He is a Natural Hygienist of Peru , 45 years experience! with brain tumors, gangrena cases and very difficult cases) From him i learned about Natural Hygiene.
    I've been reading LOTS of books and today ran across the concepts of Natural Hygiene. I've been on the computer all day even skipping meals because I know this is on the right track. This intuitively and logically is going in the right direction for balance and long term health... and yes I know that there are yet more questions yet to be answered by everyone. Its the direction that is important.

    Leave INHS like this:
    If you later want to leave INHS (be removed from INHS members' list), just send an email to Possibly add the reason for leaving.

  • How does INHS relate to other NH groups?

    What is the relation between BNHS and INHS?
    Dr. Keki Sidhwa, the founder and director of BNHS, the British Natural Hygiene Society, has been a member of INHS advisory board since the start. BNHS publishes the magazine "The Hygienist", which is the oldest existing Natural Hygiene magazine in the world. INHS has members which belong to BNHS, and the relationship between the groups is very good.

    What is the relation between ANHS and INHS?
    We have many members in INHS who belonged to ANHS, the American Natural Hygiene Society, including doctors. When ANHS closed some years ago, its assets/members were transferred to a new non-profit group, NHA, National Health Association, based in Florida.
    We have good relations with NHA, and some members & doctors in common.
    The main differences between us and NHA is the strong influence of laypeople in INHS, and the acceptance of many different voices and diet directions (not only "cooked" veganism as in NHA). Also INHS is web-based without fees, NHA is not. NHA publishes the magazine Health Science.
    Background: One of the reasons for starting INHS was the disappearance of ANHS, the Natural Hygiene organisation started by Dr. Shelton, Dr. Cursio and others appr. 1/2 century ago. Democracy problems slowly emerged in ANHS over the years, e.g. an inability for dissenting voices to be heard. E.g. Dr. Cursio and others were excluded in the 1950's. When ANHS in the late 1990's was run out of money by a few board-members, who also blocked certain doctors from being listed in the magazine Health Science, it was a low point in the hygienic movement. This small click next closed ANHS, and started NHA, National Health Association, without democratic procedures, surprising the members. ANHS library was given to the University of Texas.
    Shortly after this some ANHS members, doctors and non-professionals, decided to start INHS in 2003 - as an online organisation, mainly for education and discussion, with the expressed purpose of allowing all voices in the NH movement to be heard, publish more of the old-timers in Natural Hygiene, plus have a power balance between doctors and non-doctors.

    What is the relation between HLI and INHS?
    HLI, Healthful Living International, is another Natural Hygiene non-profit organisation, based in California. Some of INHS members are also members in HLI, including some doctors. HLI and INHS have very good relations.
    HLI represents "raw" veganism. HLI is partly web-based with fees. HLI publishes Living Nutrition, a raw food lifestyle magazine, with quarterly publications, which supports the raw food community.
    Background: HLI was started in the 1999 in protest to the road ANHS was taking. Especially the abandonment (by ANHS board without discussion) of food combining and the 100% raw diet as the ideal, frustrated many ANHS members. This is when ANHS membership started sliding. While HLI supports raw veganism, ANHS / NHA has moved closer to the McDougal-type "cooked" veganism movement. NHA members nowadays often talk at traditional vegetarian conferences.

  • INHS Members Area


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