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"They have mistaken stimulation for strength, a waste of vital power for supply, poison for food, disease for health." Dr. Shelton


Is Raw Chocolate Healthy??

At we found this information:
Cacao As A Superfood
- over 300 chemically identifiable compounds
- nandamide (bliss chemical), arginine (nature's Viagra), dopamine (neurotransmitter), epicatechins (antioxidants), histamine, magnesium, serotonin (anti-stress neurotransmitter), tryptophan (anti-depressant amino acid), phenylethylamine (PEA), polyphenols (antioxidants), tyramine, and salsolinol.
- heart-supporting magnesium.
- super-rich in antioxidant flavonols..

David Wolfe's forthcoming book on raw chocolate:
* Eat less, lose weight, and live more * Heal and open your heart * Alleviate depression and lost love * Increase your sensuality and beauty * Double your joy * Nourish your brain * Accelerate your nutrition * Attract prosperity into your life * Experience the world's most wonderful aphrodisiacs * Make the most outrageous beverages, desserts, cakes, ice creams and many other super treats!


"Too many of the "natural therapists" are trying the impossible task of riding two horses at once, the horses going in opposite directions." Dr. Shelton

Avoid getting into a raw chocolate habit:

Dr. Shelton about the coffee habit (which is equally true for raw chocolate):

Habit is often difficult to escape. This is doubly so when the sick person's whole environment tends to fasten these habits upon him. But there is an even more fundamental reason than this: namely, people derive a certain satisfaction, a sense of well-being and a feeling of strength from their habits.

Following the medical lead, they have mistaken stimulation for strength, inflammation for nutrition, fever for a heat-forming principle, a waste of vital power for supply, poison for food, disease for health. And they have done all this on the basis of the erroneous principle that lifeless matter acts on living matter.

Thus, as Graham remarked, "the very means of our relief serves to aggravate our diseases. When coffee is taken to "relieve a coffee-induced headache, when morphine is taken to "relievethe sufferings of the morphine addict, when tobacco is taken to "steady nerves that have been unsteadied by the use of tobacco, the poor victim of the poison disease mistakes his fictional relief for genuine benefit and returns again and again to the real source of his miseries.

Dr. Walter said that in a long experience in dealing with invalids he "found it to be invariable that what makes the man sick is the thing which he never wants to relinquish. This is true because to relinquish the evil thing is to suffer, while to resort to it again is to smother the suffering. For this fictional relief millions have given their lives.

Dr. Shelton, Living Your Way to Health, Hygienic Review 1978

First, the toxin gives a big (stimulation) kick.
With time, the same amount of toxin gives a smaller kick!
Therefore people must increase the dose, to keep getting the same kick, or stimulation.
Dr. Shelton also writes:

Because the organism is enervated by the continued use of the poison, the user must frequently increase the size of the dose - whether the poison is tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee, arsenic, salt, pepper, or other noxious substance - if he is to continue to induce the same apparent effect.

Dr. Shelton, Adaptation and Toleration, Hygienic Review 1978

"To relinquish the evil thing is to suffer, while to resort to it again is to smother the suffering." Dr. Shelton

Raw chocolate is a stimulant:

A waste of energy!
Whenever any poison is ingested into the body - in this instance it is the caffeine in the coffee -
  • the presence of this dangerous enemy in the vital domain is spotted by the autonomic nervous system.
  • The nervous system sends a warning signal to the appropriate brain center, which tells the body that an enemy has invaded the household and to prepare for battle.
  • Since the caffeine is a poison and can damage the body, the brain center which is concerned with the survival of the body against internal enemies sends a signal to the heart, telling it to pick up speed
  • so that the blood will circulate more rapidly to the organs of elimination and thus discard this caffeine as soon as possible to avoid internal injury. When the heart beat (or pulse) accelerates in tempo, this increases the blood circulation and
  • it is registered in the mind as a feeling of exhilaration or wellbeing, such as the excitement we experience when we engage in sports or any vigorous exercise.

    Read more about stimulants here

    Dr. Stanley S. Bass

    "When the heart beat accelerates in tempo, it is registered in the mind as a feeling of exhilaration or wellbeing" Dr. Bass

    Raw chocolate is an energy-robber:



    What's true for herbs is equally true for chocolates. Raw chocolate contains
  • nutrients,
  • poisons/toxins
  • a little fiber.
    When eating chocolate (raw or heated), our bodies priotize removing all damaging toxins first. There will seldom be enough energy over to extract any nutrients from the chocolate.

    Compare herbs and chocolate's stimulant effect. Read about herbs here.

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