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"He was a man of brilliant mind; a keen thinker and careful logician."


Robert Walter M.D., 1841 - 1921

QUOTE: "Natural Hygiene science 'cures' sick people by removing the cause of disease. It removes the disease by removing the necessity for it. It believes Nature is right, and hence does not seek to thwart her operations. It declares that disease is a natural process of purification, and should not be stopped, but aided. Its remedies are Nature's health preservatives. Obedience to Nature is its greatest panacea. Air, light, food, water, exercise, rest, sleep, etc., in such manner and degree as Nature can use are its curatives. Remove the Cause, and the effect will cease. THIS IS NATURAL HYGIENE SCIENCE."

"He was forced to study the matter himself, because physicians are interested in 'disease', not in health."

"There must be a way to live exactly right, which, if a man does, he will grow into health," said a young school teacher to himself a half century or more ago.
He was beginning to despair of life because every doctor to whom he went diagnosed his condition differently and proceeded to make him much worse than ever.
Then began a long series of experiments upon his own body, and years of study of the subjects that relate to health and impaired health.

This young man, Robert Walter by name, later became one of the most outstanding leaders in the Hygienic movement. He was born February 14, 1841, and died October 26, 1921. Like Graham, Trall, Tilden and many others, who have turned to hygiene, he was forced to study the matter himself, because physicians are interested in "disease," not in health. I am informed that his degree in medicine was obtained at the Hygieo-Therapeutic College founded and administered by Trall. To Trall, Jackson and Jennings he gives most credit for his own work.

His hygienic institution at Wernersvllle, Pennsylvania, was a large institution and was famed throughout the world for the excellence of results obtained there in the care of all forms of impaired health including the so-called incurable conditions. He was a man of brilliant mind; a keen thinker and careful logician. Someday he, along with Jennings, Graham, Trall, Taylor, and Tilden will take their justly deserved places in America's Hall of Geniuses.

Besides the books mentioned in Volume I of this series, Dr. Walter is the author of several small treatises, as, for instance, his The Nutritive Cure, 1881: Hygienic Hydropathy, in which he tried to get away from the harsher forms of water application; Philosophy of Health Reform; Hygienic Treatment - What is it?; How Sick People are Cured; A Defense of Hygienic Treatment; Drug Medicines as Causes of Disease; AlcohoL as a Cause of Disease; one on Diphtheria and others. He was also editor of The Laws of Health.

Herbert M. Shelton,
The Hygienic System, Vol. VII, Orthopathy, Chapter I

Dr. Robert Walter's Sanitarium, Wernerville, Pennsylvania

"Remove the Cause, and the effect will cease. THIS IS NATURAL HYGIENE SCIENCE"
Robert Walter

(Also called The Laws of Vitality by Dr. Robert Walter)

Dr. Robert Walter formulated "Life's Great Law" as follows:
law "Every living cell in the organized body is endowed with an instinct of self-preservation, sustained by a force inherent in the organism, usually called vital force or life, the success of whose work is directly proportioned to the amount of the force, and inversely to the degree of its activity."

Dr. Stanley S. Bass, The Laws of Life

Note: there is an alternatve formulation of this law - that you can find here.

by Robert Walter M.D.

Out from the invisible realm of power comes all power, whose manifestations, however, can never exceed its source. This power of life comes to us as a daily income which we cannot anticipate, a fact which prevents any man from alienating his inheritance by early dissipations, for the facts prove that he may still attain to long years of usefulness if he "ceases to do evil and learns to do well."

But while we cannot alienate our inheritance we may deplete our reservoir of power and so appear to borrow on the future. "As thy days so shall thy strength be," is as good science as it is religion; we may borrow through the use of stimulants, from the stock of power already possessed, which stimulants while they exhaust the reservoir, prevent recuperation, and make chronic invalids, but do not necessarily appreciably shorten life. The feeblest may yet become strongest if youth and inherent capacity continue, and full recuperation is permitted.

Time is the important element in such a case; the invalid must learn to live by faith, and await the accumulation of power which he can become conscious of only by spending, in the doing of which be delays or prevents recovery. It is the stimulating and toning methods of present-day practice that has filled our country with chronic invalids. Recuperation is prevented because of the desire of physician and friends to see, and the patient to feel his improvement, which ceases, in a measure, at least, in the very act of making it obvious.

The development of power through gymnastics is another excellent form of development. But it must be conducted with prudence.
A good illustration of both power and method was observed in Boston's strong man thirty years ago. This man had developed capacity to lift 2700 pounds, which fact is surely excellent testimony to the value of the methods pursued. What were these methods? He went to his gymnasium once daily and lifted all that he could, adding each day a pound or two to the previous day's record.

The balance of the twenty-four hours was devoted to recuperation through rest, no further severe labors or taxations being imposed, so that he returned each day fully prepared for a repetition of his lift. Does any one suppose that if he had lifted all he could three times per day that he could have developed his enormous strength? We believe the reader will agree that only the most complete rest, alternating with exercise, could have produced the result. But even then the development was abnormal and excessive, and ended in heart-failure and death.

A better form of development is carried out in our schools and colleges, also in debating societies and political contests, all of which constitute the arena of social and political development. The first teaches "the young idea how to shoot;" the second is intended to make men capable and wise, laying deeply the foundations for future success; the third makes ready men, while the last develops men into citizens, which, by the very fact of their development, makes their country great.

In all these cases recuperation through rest is quite as important as the exercise. Continuous study defeats the object in view; rest corresponding to the activity rather than violent exercise, will be found essential to success.

"only the most complete rest, alternating with exercise, could have produced the result"

Dr. Stanley S. Bass provided the article

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