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News - with comments from a Natural Hygiene perspective

Plans for a global response to a mass outbreak of bird flu in humans are taking shape, but are far from complete. Public health experts and epidemiologists are issuing shrill warnings about the dangers a pandemic would pose to human health around the world. Air travel could be among the first casualties of a global panic as governments try to prevent the disease spreading.
European Union veterinary experts on Thursday discussed concerns that an outbreak of bird flu in Russia could spread to Europe and weighed what precautions the EU's 25 member nations should take, as experts in Britain warned that avian flu would "inevitably" be brought there by migrating birds.
Aren't the poor birds blamed for something that doesn't exist (virus-transmitted disease)? According to NH & Orthopathy, flu instead results from toxins or unsanitary conditions, and cannot be transmitted. Also, bacteria, virus & bacilli change form, and have a beneficial role.
We agree with Shelton (1967): "The serums and vaccines that are supposed to confer immunity often cause troubles that are worse than the disease they are supposed to immunize one against. ..... The vaccinating and inoculating program is merely a commercial one. While it nets huge profits to the traffickers in vaccines and serums, it provides no health for the people. "

A 47-year-old man has become San Diego County's first resident to be diagnosed with West Nile virus this year. County health officials believe he became infected while camping near Lake Elsinore in late July. Statewide, health officials have reported about 370 people in 20 counties who fell ill because of West Nile.
Here the poor mosquitos are blamed, and our comment is the same as for the bird flu above.
Also note that for those who fall ill and it is blamed on West Nile Virus, the best solution is to stop eating and go to bed until the symptoms stop. Serums and vaccinations may cause worse, sometimes even fatal, diseases. To be used only if your biggest concern is the health of drug company profits.

Breast is best - or is it? Breast milk of a startling number of mothers in the northwestern United States and neighbouring Canada contains toxins from widely used flame retardents, a study showed on Friday. PBDEs are a common insulator and fire inhibiter used in furniture, textiles and electronic gear, according to Derry.
Toxins are probably the biggest scourge of our times. This is another example of the new toxic dangers of today, which contribute to serious diseases, especially cancers, at younger and younger ages. Not even breast milk is free from toxins nowadays. A wake-up call!

New Chinese drug effective in reducing malaria deaths
Trial of a drug derived from an ancient Chinese herb has been shown to reduce the risk of death in malaria patients, says a study. Researchers found a clear benefit over standard treatment of quinine on them.,001100020006.htm
All drugs, even Chinese herbs, create big problems long-term, and create new diseases. Herbs may suppress the outward malaria symptoms, but do not remove the actual disease, since the cause is untouched.
Instead follow the advice of Dr. Shelton: "During the acute stage the malarial patient should be cared for as in any other acute "diseases" - rest, warmth, fasting. Dr. Weger says: "Rigid dietary discipline must be enforced after fever subsides. No quinine or other medicines are given." (Orthopathy 1941)

Homeopathy ineffective, study finds
People who take homeopathic medicines may as well be taking a sugar pill, according to the latest review that finds this form of complementary therapy acts no better than a placebo. ... Practitioners of homeopathic medicine, invented in the late 1700s by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, believe that the weaker the solution, the more effective the medicine.
Homeopathy allows weak solutions of drugs. This is a small step towards Natural Hygiene, which does not allow any drugs, and is strongly against suppressing disease symptoms.
The less amount of toxic drugs given, the better, and the faster true recovery will take place. Therefore homeopathy must be less symptom-suppressing than medical drugs and herbs, and thereby allow more true healing.
So our conclusion must be that drugs and medical herbs are most likely far more ineffective than homeopathy.

Lawsuit filed over labeling potato chips and French fries
California Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued nine fast-food giants yesterday, saying the law requires them to tell the public their potato chips and French fries contain a toxic chemical. Lockyer sought a court order compelling the companies to place warnings on their cooked potato products because they contain higher levels of a suspected carcinogen, acrylamide, than other foods.
Applauded. But it is best to avoid all deep-fried foods, which can be devastating for long-term health. Natural Hygiene advice: eat as raw as possible, avoid the wrong fats & oils, and avoid cooked starches like potato. Eat fresh minimally-cooked non-processed foods instead.

Africa Epidemic: What we can do
The World Health Organization announced that tuberculosis is cutting a deadly swath across the Africa, killing 500,000 people every year. The ravaged immune systems of those who are HIV-positive fall prey to the TB bacteria. The rate at which TB is spreading in Africa can only be described as terrifying.With five new vaccines being tested by the end of this year, there's hope for better treatments.
Vaccines are not the answer to tuberculosis. Bacteria are not the cause.
Dr. Shelton writes:
"Tuberculosis has a developing stage of several years, beginning with enervation, toxemia, catarrh of the stomach, infection of the glands of the lungs, and finally, tuberculosis. It is the endpoint of an evolutionary process begun with toxemic crises. Recovery almost never occurs under the prevailing medical care.
Prevention: Fresh air, an abundance of sunshine, wholesome outdoor play, plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables, cleanliness and plenty of rest and sleep will prevent tuberculosis. It is largely an outgrowth of the social injustices and economic inequalities of our hypertrophied commercialism."

Coffee a good source of antioxidants
If your hand is trembling over your third coffee of the morning, do not despair. You could be getting more healthy antioxidants from your liquid fix than are from the fruit or vegetables you eat, according to a study of US diets.,11381,1558559,00.html
Yes, coffee may contain many nutrients, but this is of little value for us. The toxins in coffee - which is what gives us the stimulation and the fix - take precedence. The body has to use all energy on toxin-removal, just to avoid serious damage. And whatever energy is left will rarely be enough to extract any nutrients. Read here about another popular food item with the same effects.

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